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    Blog Post #4!

    The Coordi-Team hopes everyone had a great Halloween full of lots of fun and candy! Last Friday, October 30th we had the chance to donate a classroom set of CoordiMates to the students of Estancia High School! It was a great opportunity to meet so many students and here their feedback. A special shoutout to Estancia HS math teacher Valerie Smith for reaching out to us. Teachers and students, please feel free to reach out to us at if you have any suggestions or inquiries for us :)    Also if you haven't already noticed, we are sold out of our Limited Edition Blue and Yellow CoordiMate on our website! However, these are still available on Amazon at For Amazon Prime members, shipping is free!     Also SURPRISE! We will we having a CoordiMate Classroom Set Giveaway soon this month so students and teacher stay tuned to our...
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    Blog Post #3!

    We hope everyone had a great summer as the Back-To-School season arrives! What an eventful summer it’s been for us! We’ve joined the UCLA Bookstore family and created the “Teacher Pack”, which features 10 CoordiMates for the price of $99, a discount of 25%. We are amazed at how fast the Teacher Packs have been selling and are so happy with the amount of positive comments from teachers we’ve gotten! Unfortunately, we ran out of stock for the U.S. Teacher Packs a few days ago but we’re working hard to get them back in stock by next week.   Teachers, if you have purchased a Teacher Pack, we would absolutely love your input on your pack of CoordiMates. (Pictures of your class using them would be nice too!) :)    College students, we are launching an Internship campaign soon so stay tuned for more details!   We also love when...
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    Blog Post #2!

    We really enjoyed having the opportunity to meet UCSD students at the CoordiMate Giveaway last weekend. It was so great seeing students of Economics, Engineering, and all sorts of majors come to our booth genuinely excited to use CoordiMate on their homework and tests. If you missed our giveaway, don’t worry! CoordiMate is now available at the UCSD Bookstore (and other bookstores around the country) as well as online! If you’ve recently purchased a CoordiMate, we would love to hear your feedback on what you like or don’t like about CoordiMate, what you use it for, etc. We are always looking for ways to improve!   CoordiMate can now be found at the following bookstores: University of California, San Diego Fresno City College (Fresno, California) Northern Michigan University  Portland Community College (Portland, Oregon) San Juan College (Farmington, New Mexico) Peninsula College (Port Angels, Washington) Kansas University J.A. Riollano Co, Inc. (Puerto...
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    CoordiBlog #1!

    Welcome to the official website of CoordiMate! This blog here is meant to help us stay connected with customers like you and keep everyone up to date with the latest news on CoordiMate.  As you may have noticed, CoordiMates on our website are labeled as “Out of Stock” if you try to purchase one.  We are sorry for this inconvenience, but we have some good news! Starting Wednesday April 1st, those “Out of Stock” labels will be gone and online sales will be open to everyone!  We also have exciting news for any Kickstarter backers out there. Kickstarter CoordiMates are scheduled for delivery within the next few weeks (Early-Mid April), so keep an eye out for them! We can’t wait to hear your feedback, it’s always welcome and appreciated.  If you find yourself in San Diego this coming Wednesday (April 1st), the CoordiMate team will be on the UCSD campus...