CoordiBlog #1!

Posted: Mar 30 2015

Welcome to the official website of CoordiMate! This blog here is meant to help us stay connected with customers like you and keep everyone up to date with the latest news on CoordiMate.  As you may have noticed, CoordiMates on our website are labeled as “Out of Stock” if you try to purchase one.  We are sorry for this inconvenience, but we have some good news! Starting Wednesday April 1st, those “Out of Stock” labels will be gone and online sales will be open to everyone! 

We also have exciting news for any Kickstarter backers out there. Kickstarter CoordiMates are scheduled for delivery within the next few weeks (Early-Mid April), so keep an eye out for them! We can’t wait to hear your feedback, it’s always welcome and appreciated. 

If you find yourself in San Diego this coming Wednesday (April 1st), the CoordiMate team will be on the UCSD campus (Library Walk) distributing CoordiMates to students who participated in a CoordiMate Giveaway earlier this month. Feel free to stop by and say hello!


For any questions, please email


The CoordiMate Team